Pregnant woman wondering if she qualifies for Medicaid

Do I Qualify for NJ Pregnancy Medicaid?

Many women dealing with an unplanned pregnancy want to know if they qualify for Medicaid – especially if they do not have health insurance.

Proper coverage while expecting is essential regardless of your choice about your body. NJ Family Care covers prenatal care, labor and delivery, postpartum services for sixty days, and your child for one year after birth. Abortion services are also included.

However, New Jersey Medicaid can deny pregnant women who are legal residents because they make too much money – given their family size (which includes their unborn babies).

Family SizeMonthly Income Limit 2021







Each additional member

Add $757

Multiple Gestations

The most critical step in determining pregnancy Medicaid eligibility is whether you are carrying twins or triplets. In New Jersey, each unborn baby boosts your family size, raising the monthly income limit. [1]

Only an ultrasound can detect and document twins or triplets. At Solutions Health & Pregnancy Center, we provide this service free to women.

Add Other Family Members

The second critical step involves counting all of your family members. You do not want to miss anyone; each additional family member boosts the monthly income limit by $757.

You determine your household size based on how you intend to file income taxes for the current year. [2]

  • Tax Filer: yourself, spouse, plus dependents (unborn babies included)
  • Claimed as Dependents: same as tax filer with some exceptions
  • Non-Filers: yourself, your spouse if living with you, children under 19 (21 if a full-time student)

Measure your Income

Correctly measuring your income is the final step in determining your eligibility for pregnancy Medicaid in New Jersey. Your Modified Adjusted Gross Income (MAGI) includes any earnings from you or your household members taxable on a federal return.

Taxable wages, tips, commissions

Social Security income

Interest or dividends

Pensions, annuities

Rental income

Taxable veterans benefits

Legal settlements

Payment from trust funds

Unemployment benefits


Disability payments

Workers Comp

Note that child support does not disqualify you from Medicaid coverage.

Apply for Benefits

Once you have verified whether you have twins or triplets, determined family size, and projected your MAGI, it is time to apply for pregnancy Medicaid.

  • Save partially completed applications
  • View submitted applications
  • Receive future Medicaid notifications electronically

If you have questions or need help filling out the application, call NJ FamilyCare.


1-800-701-0720 (TTY)

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