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It's Your Choice

At Solutions Health and Pregnancy Center, we want you to know that you have the right to make informed decisions regarding your body. Located in Shrewsbury, NJ, Solutions Health and Pregnancy Center provides a variety of resources and services such as pregnancy testing, abortion information, STD/STI screening, ultrasounds and counseling.

Think you might be pregnant? Our team is also here to provide you with the answers you need without judgment! All of our services are completely confidential and are at no cost to you. Navigate through our site to learn more about your options for an unplanned pregnancy. Here, you can also find services we offer and frequently asked questions about Solutions Health and Pregnancy Center.

Contact us or make an appointment at 732.747.5454,, or online through our contact form. Do not delay! We have answers.

My visit at Solutions HPC was non-judgmental.
They gave me a lot of information
To help me with my decision