Free Pregnancy Ultrasound | Fetal Viability

If your home pregnancy test reads positive, your next step is scheduling an appointment at our licensed medical clinic for a free ultrasound examination.

A sonogram can tell if your pregnancy is viable, determine fetal age, help you qualify for Medicaid, and can avoid a big out-of-pocket cost.

Is Your Pregnancy Viable?

If you are considering an abortion, you might want to determine whether you have a viable pregnancy.

10-20% of recognized pregnancies end in miscarriage.*

Verify viability before traveling to an abortion clinic, incurring costs, and risking your privacy. An ultrasound gives you early warning signals.

Determine Gestational Age

Finding out how far along your pregnancy is will help determine what medical services you may need. An ultrasound is the best way to determine gestational age.

The type of abortion procedure you might need changes with your baby’s age.  

  • Abortion pill: up to 10 weeks
  • Suction aspiration: 1st Trimester
  • Dilation and Extraction: 2nd Trimester

Help Qualify for Medicaid

You will need valid medical proof of pregnancy to apply for Medicaid.  An ultrasound will provide confirmation of a positive pregnancy test.  This ultrasound is proof of pregnancy that meets the required standard and can help you qualify if you earn too much money.

Medicaid can help with medical costs regardless of what you decide.

  • Prenatal care
  • Labor and delivery
  • Abortion services

It is also important to find out if you have multiple gestations. Family size determines Medicaid income eligibility – that includes the number of babies in your womb. This can only be determined through an ultrasound, not a urine pregnancy test.

Free and Confidential

At Solutions, your ultrasound is free and confidential. You will never receive a bill and your insurance will not be notified of any services you receive.

You can be sure that nothing will arrive in the mail, and you will be the only one who knows about your visit to our medical center.

* Mayo Clinic Miscarriage Rate