Free Pregnancy Testing

You can be


If you think you might be pregnant you probably have a lot on your mind. You may be feeling alone, anxious, or confused.  We are here to help. 

Whether you have taken a home pregnancy test and seen a positive result, or you are looking for a safe and private place to find out for sure if you are pregnant, your first step is to make an appointment at Solutions Health and Pregnancy Center.

While not all women experience the same symptoms early in a pregnancy, the most significant sign of pregnancy involves a late or missed period. 

Here are some other early pregnancy symptoms:

  • Swollen/Tender Breasts 
  • Nausea/Morning Sickness 
  • Fatigue/Tiredness 
  • Lower Back Aches 
  • Headache 
  • Frequent Urination 
  • Darkening of the Nipples 
  • Food Cravings 
  • Slight Bleeding 
  • Sensitivity to Certain Smells and Tastes 

At Solutions, you never need insurance or a referral.  Your insurance will not be billed or notified about any services you receive. In fact, nobody will be notified, any service you receive at Solutions is completely confidential.

A trained Client Advocate will help you understand your pregnancy test and will review your results with you.  You will have an opportunity to discuss your results in a private setting and consider your next steps.

Based on your results your next step may be a free ultrasound to verify fetal viability and age.