HIPAA Policy

To protect the privacy of patient records and to meet general patient expectations, Solutions Health & Pregnancy Center “Solutions” assumes obligations that are consistent with the HIPAA Privacy Rules.

  1. All patient health information will be kept secure. Electronic records will be password-protected. Other records will be maintained in secure files and kept under lock and key. Internal access to individual health information will be limited to those personnel who have a reasonable need to use such patient health information.
  2. Each patient will be given written notice about the way in which health information may be used or disclosed by Solutions, including a description of the instances in which advance authorization for use or disclosure may or may not be sought and a description of the steps that the patient may exercise with respect to her/his own health information.
  3. Written authorization will be obtained from each patient for any use or disclosure of health information for which such prior authorization is warranted as described above.
  4. Any outside disclosure of health information will be limited only to that minimum amount of information that is reasonably necessary to accomplish the specific purposes(s) of the disclosure.