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Solutions Health and Pregnancy Center is a licensed medical clinic located in Shrewsbury, NJ. We help sexually active women answer five critical questions at no cost to them in a private, supportive setting. No insurance required. We do not provide or refer abortions.

#1: Am I Pregnant – Really?

If you think you might be pregnant you probably have a lot of questions and a lot on your mind. We can provide you with a free and private pregnancy test to confirm your status.

#2: Will it End Naturally?

If you know you are pregnant the next step is a free and private ultrasound, which can provide answers to the critical questions of how far along you are, and if your pregnancy is viable.

#3: What are my Options?

Once you know that your pregnancy is viable and your baby’s age, discuss your options with someone without a financial stake in your decision.

Put your mind at ease.

#4: Do I Qualify for Medicaid?

NJ Family Care covers a host of pregnancy-related expenses, but you must meet income guidelines to be eligible. Women carrying twins and triplets have extra leeway.

#5: Do I have an STD?

If you think you may have been exposed to an STD or STI it is important to get tested right away. Symptoms vary quite a bit and may not be visible until long after infection occurs.

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