Abortion Prices by Number of Weeks

The cost of an abortion depends on how far along your pregnancy is. If you are considering terminating your pregnancy, an abortion clinic will first require an ultrasound exam to determine what type of procedure to recommend.

For example, the clinic may suggest one of these procedures based on the number of weeks since your last menstrual period (LMP).

  • Pill (Mifepristone and Misoprostol): to 9
  • Manual vacuum aspiration: to 12
  • Surgical vacuum aspiration: to 16
  • Dilation and evacuation: after 16
  • Dilation and extraction: after 21


The first set of charges you could face comes during the initial appointment at the abortion clinic in New Jersey. The staff will need to perform a medical exam and an ultrasound.

  • Blood test to screen for health risks
    • RH incompatibility with the fetus ($25-$50)1
    • STD screening ($180 to $349)2
      • Identify correct treatment
      • Preserve future fertility
  • Sonogram required by clinics ($100 to $300)3
    • Fetal age determines procedure options
    • Assess viability: 10 – 25% end in miscarriage4
    • Position (ectopic pregnancy is life-threatening)

Do not forget to factor in incidental expenses that can add up quickly.

  • Transportation to and from the clinic
  • Childcare while at the clinic and during recovery
  • Unpaid time off from work


Abortion prices in New Jersey and across the country increase in proportion to the gestational age of the pregnancy.

Medical professionals measure fetal age by calculating LMP – the number of weeks since the first day of your last menstrual period.

4 – 10 WEEKS LMP

The direct cost of an abortion at 4-10 weeks after your last menstrual period ranges from $350 to $800. The first trimester indirect and incidental charges will vary by provider, the type of procedure recommended, and your individual circumstances.

  • Indirect charges for the ultrasound and blood test may add to the total. Why spend money needlessly? Your early pregnancy may not be viable.
  • The direct cost of a surgical procedure (vacuum or suction aspiration) during this period ranges from $350 at a clinic to $500 at a doctor’s office.
  • The direct cost of the medical abortion (pill) ranges up to $800.5 The abortion pill is a prescription drug and can only be taken during the 4th week through the 10th week of your pregnancy. Once you have passed the tenth week, the pill is no longer an option.

11 – 24 WEEKS LMP

Since a medical abortion (the abortion pill) is no longer an option after the 10th week, abortion during the 11th through 24th weeks of your pregnancy must be done as a surgical procedure.

Several external sources report on the average price of abortions across the country. Factor in the unique New Jersey requirements to these averages to estimate what the provider may ultimately charge.

  • 16 weeks LMP: $650  – $7006
  • 20 + weeks LMP: $1,5007

After 14 Weeks LMP

After 14 weeks pregnant, New Jersey law dictates that 2nd-trimester abortions must be performed in a licensed hospital or done using a D&E surgical procedure.

Therefore, the charges for the hospitalization and medical procedures used will be higher when this requirement applies. Inpatient facilities such as hospitals have much higher charges than clinics or doctor’s offices.

After 18 Weeks

After 18 weeks pregnant, New Jersey law then requires that the doctor must have admitting and surgical privileges within 20 minutes’ driving time of the hospital facility.8

If the number of physicians performing abortions is limited, the charges may be higher.


Your health insurance plan may cover abortion – with notable exceptions. Every plan has member cost-sharing features. The patient is responsible for paying all charges not covered by your health plan.

  • Deductible
  • Copayments
  • Co-insurance
  • Out-of-network charges

Remember, in addition to the providers’ charges, other medical services are also needed— additional charges may incur from sonograms, blood tests, prescription medications, and anesthesia.

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